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Zambezi Electrical

Technical Services Department


Technical advice and solutions on all Electrical Systems.

Identification and Location of Electrical Cables

We will survey and identify any underground cable prior to any excavation work taking place, hence avoiding costly cable damage, down time and danger to life.


PAT Testing

 SI 188 of 2001 Health and Safety legislation requires all employers to ensure that all Electrical Appliances remain safe, for the use of their employees. To do this periodic testing is required, and all results must be kept for inspection by the HSA for 5 years. Zambezi Electrical can carry out and certify all the required appliances on your premises, and issue you with test records. Also each piece of tested equipment will be issued a digital address, thus making it a lot easier to identify when testing is required again.

Electrical Surveys  

Zambezi Electrical can carry out detailed surveys on Distribution Panels, MCCs, Plant Installation and Premises to ensure they comply with all regulations and standards.

Industrial Maintenance

Our emergency call out and Maintenance Department can offer a Maintenance Crew for short or long term projects, and annual planned shut downs. We can also offer 24 Hour Emergency Call Out for plants and Commercial Outlets.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Every I.T Installation should be backed up with a UPS System. An unplanned loss of Power to your Main Frame, could cause your Company to lose hours or even days of work. This is a costly but avoidable situation with the installation of a UPS System